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Raw Material: Boldenone Undecylenate
Pack:10 ml vial, each 1 ml contains 250 mg


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Buy Boldenone 250 LA PHARMA undecylenate (Equipoise) is a relatively anabolic and moderately androgenic steroid. Its number one use is in veterinary medication maximum typically with horses, but has come to be a favorite of strength athletes and bodybuilders. there may be little or no aromatization related to the compound with a very restrained quantity of water retention skilled by maximum customers. any other attractive excellent of the compound is the ensuing boom in urge for food frequently pronounced by customers whilst jogging this steroid and will often be included in "bulking" cycles for this reason. Boldenone undecylenate additionally will increase hemaglobin and hematocrit (the wide variety of pink blood cells and the share of pink blood cells)[1], as a result causing extra "pumps" whilst working out. despite the fact that that is actual of almost all anabolic steroids the results are reportedly greater pronounced with boldenone undecylenate. An development in vascularity must additionally be experienced due those increases, if frame fats is at a low enough  level.

Boldenone for sale
Athletes other than bodybuilders or the ones worried in the main with electricity may additionally benefit from boldenone undecylenate. that is due to the truth that the compound stimulates the release of erythropoietin, typically called EPO, within the kidneys. Erythropoeitin signals the body to boom the production of erythrocytes (purple blood cells). Erythrocytes are the service of oxygen in the frame and therefore if their attention is improved within the body, a better maximal oxygen potential is produced and overall performance may be improved due to a put off within the on set of fatigue, along with the increase of lactic acid. even as the outcomes could now not be overly dramatic, a consumer must certainly notice an improvement all things being same.


Due to the compounds active existence, injections are typically conducted two times in line with week to hold strong blood ranges although a few customers choose injecting most effective as soon as in keeping with week. most customers anecdotally document that the minimum dose for maximum adult males is among 300mg to 400mg to look any extensive effects from the drug. ladies of course will see outcomes at a great deal lower doses, normally starting from 50-150mg in keeping with week for much less experienced customers.

BOLDENONE  Bodybuilding Benefits

Like maximum compounds, the general public of users choose to stack boldenone undecylenate with testosterone. This have to negate any libido uses that a user can also stumble upon, as well as imparting a amazing mixture that have to result in a dramatic increase in lean frame mass. because of the shortage of liver toxicity associated with the compound, other compounds which can enhance liver values (which include 17 alpha alkylated steroids) may be run with boldenone undecylenate without any similarly complications.

Many customers trust that Equipoise can be used both in "bulking" cycles and "slicing" cycles, as the shortage of water retention associated with it is use and improvement in vascularity even as on the compound can assist to expose improvement in definition at the same time as a user is lowering his or her body fats. at the identical time, the compound has a profound effect on lean frame mass and the consequences may be dramatic when run with a weight-reduction plan excessive in protein and energy, in conjunction with a right training routine.

no longer taken into consideration to be a speedy mass builder in assessment to different anabolic steroids, boldenone undecylenate will upload first-rate lean muscle continuously at some point of a cycle. Anecdotally, customers have mentioned that cycles of at the least ten to twelve weeks running boldenone undecylenate are needed to see the total effects of the compound.


risks/facet results
For the maximum element, problems inclusive of gynecomastia and a excessive degree of water/salt retention are nearly unheard of with this compound. Boldenone undecylenates fee of estrogen conversion is about fifty percent of that of testosterone[2,3]. As nicely, because boldenone undecylenate isn't hepatoxic to any severe diploma it is able to be used for long intervals of time in the course of significant cycles. a few facet outcomes that can be experienced are pimples and extended frame-hair increase, as well as the usual virilizing outcomes in girls, but those will probably be at a much reduced stage than different compounds[3]. If a consumer does not stack the compound with testosterone they will go through sexual facet outcomes, as is the case with the general public of anabolic steroids.

A person's lipid profile could be negatively affected, as with all steroid, but no longer to the same diploma as with a strong androgen. Boldenone undecylenate can convert to DHN (a totally moderate androgen in comparison to DHT) through 5- alpha reductase, however handiest a small amount will sincerely be transformed which means that the compound it isn't always difficult on the hair line[4,5]. however, like maximum other compounds if you are at risk of male pattern baldness, Equipoise can pace or make the situation greater suggested. Prostate troubles also are not likely to be skilled.

The compounds lively existence is 14-16 days, however boldenone undecylenate does produce detectable metabolites so one can seem in a users urine for several months after management of the drug has ceased(2). This makes the compound less than best if drug checking out is a situation.

Other Names

Boldenone Undeclynate,BOLDE

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Raw Material
Boldenone Undecylenate
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