EPREX 0.5 ml 2000 IU

Raw Material: Epoetin Alfa
Pack: 1 pack (6 prefilled Syringes (2000 IU /0.5 ml))

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Why should Buy EPREX 0.5 ml 2000 IU?

One of the hottest subjects taking pictures the attention of athletes, coaches and trainers facilities on the use of the drug rhEPO (recombinant erythropoietin). EPO (erythropoietin) is a hormone that is naturally produced inside the frame and on the whole features to stimulate the manufacturing of latest purple blood cells.

Why should EPREX 0.5 ml 2000 IU be used?

Growing the quantity of red blood cells will increase the oxygen wearing capability of the blood to supply more oxygen to exercising muscle mass. Significantly greater oxygen is required for greater muscle strength. For this reason, bodybuilders can use these types of drugs to improve performance. These benefits have brought about the full-size use of artificial rhEPO drug doping.

EPREX 0.5 ml 2000 IU Bodybuilding Benefits

Bodybuilders and different electricity athletes the use of testosterone alternative tablets have lengthy acknowledged the advantages of boosting EPO and crimson blood cells, as that is a secondary impact of this class of medicine.
Previous to the improvement of rhEPO, the famous anabolic steroid Anadrol became used to boom crimson blood cells. To maximise these steroid brought about EPO blessings, actual rhEPO use is suspected to be on the rise amongst bodybuilders and strength athletes.

Side effect of EPREX 0.5 ml 2000 IU

At the onset of use some can also revel in dizziness, flu-like signs and symptoms, headaches, muscle ache or fatigue. Such effects must clean because the body will become accustomed in most instances. other viable aspect consequences of exogenous EPO supplementation consist of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, high blood strain, rash and in a few instances, hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia is a situation that refers to an extra of potassium in the blood. this could result in weak point and coronary heart palpitations. some individuals may find the injected region to end up irritated.

EPREX 0.5 ml 2000 IU Other Names

Epo, rhEpo

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Raw Material
Epoetin Alfa

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