Raw Material: Trenbolone Enanthate
Pack:10 mL vial (200 mg/mL)

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Why should Buy TREN E 200 - XENO PHARMA ?

Trenbolone as a basic hormone is an extremely powerful hormone; It is about 5 times stronger than Testosterone in both anabolic and androgenic strength and makes Trenbolon an extremely powerful anabolic steroid. As already mentioned, Trenbolone Enanthate is the long ester variant of Trenbolone hormone . Trenbolone is a derivative of Nandrolone (the basic hormone in Deca). As a result of the chemical changes, why Trenbolone Enanthate is so popular among bodybuilders and sportsmen.

Why should TREN E 200 - XENO PHARMA be used?

Trenbolone Enanthate is widely used in longer courses due to its longer half-life and slow activity in the body. Due to the long Enanthate ester, users inject approximately twice Trenbolone Enanthate every week. If a person is using 400 mg / week Trenbolone Enanthate, 200 mg will be injected on Sunday and 200 mg will be injected on Wednesday.

Side effect of TREN E 200 - XENO PHARMA

The strength of the product has been defined by some experts as 5 times for cousin steroids. This causes the side effects to be equally high. Trenbolone Enanthate is the most important prostate problem in side effects. This increases the risk of prostatitis when used in men, which means that men are a major disadvantage. At the same time some side effects are; acne, acne, water collection and so on. This steroid, which exacerbates the liver, causes a perspiration problem.

TREN E 200 - XENO PHARMA Other Names

Trenbolone Enanthate

Product Details

Data sheet

Raw Material
Testosterone Enanthate

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